Stop Suffering from
Restless Legs Syndrome

Now, Say Goodbye to Restless Leg Syndrome!

Relaxing your legs not so easy, until the best products at home

RLS Wand Kit is the best product by ZTG. It is designed to give instant relief for restless legs. This kit includes RLS Wand that gives massage therapy & RLS jelly. This RLS Wand Kit is the best product that treats legs stiffness, inflammation, soreness, & pain. You can easily carry, use this product around your legs & take its massage therapies at home. Overall, RLS Wand Kit offers the effective treatment to restless leg syndrome patients.

Best Natural Treatment for RLS

The RLS Wand Kit is considered the best at home treatment for RLS leg syndrome. With this kit, you can get safe, painless, & effective treatment at home.

Using RLS Wand Kit is easy

  • Rub the wand & natural oil over affected area.
  • Take its massage therapy for 10-15 minutes around your legs. Feel relief in your legs.
  • After using Wand, you can gently apply RLS Wand Jelly that delivers the healing properties deeper into the skin or tissue faster, & more efficiently.
  • Notice the progress after each session.

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Natural Solutions that Deliver Relief

A chronic neurological disorder, Restless Legs Syndrome sufferers experience uncontrollable urges and movement in their legs – impacting their sleep, their mobility, and causing tremendous discomfort.  The disorder has been linked with cardiovascular distress, increased blood pressure, over-exhaustion, increased falls, and depression.  However, hope is on the way.  ZTG offers a full suite of natural treatment options designed exclusively for those suffering from RLS.


Personal Symptoms Meet Customizable Solutions

At ZTG, we understand that every Restless Legs Syndrome sufferer experiences the disorder differently and to different extremes.  We have carefully curated our line of RLS relief products to give our customers the unique opportunity to create a customized treatment regimen based on their own symptoms.

Stop Suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome

You have grandchildren to chase, businesses to run, and trips to take.  You have dancing to do, friends to visit with, and trails to hike.  You have a life to live – and you shouldn’t have to spend one second more suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome.  ZTG is here to help you kick RLS to the curb and start living your life to the fullest.

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Jules K

Jules K

No one likes soaking their feet. It’s a pain in the neck to get hot or cold water out of the sink and into a bowl but I have to say the zeta soaks relieve my RLS better than any other option. 5 minutes of hot, 5 minutes of cold and back into bed. It works far better than Epsom salt or the other options sold for Restless Legs Syndrome.

Marvin G

Marvin G

I have been trying a variety of lotions for my RLS and I do get some relief from the magnesium topicals, but the RLS wand takes the lotions to a new level. It’s pretty clear what it does. It opens the pores and pushes the ingredients deeper into the skin. It also increased blood flow so that the ingredients get to where they need to be. It’s a really inexpensive version of a really expensive ultrasound and far infrared machine…no magic here but it works!

Kimburly S

Kimburly S

Zeta Insoles have been around for years and I have some friends that have purchased them at Whole Foods Market. I bought a pair a few weeks ago and I wear them during the day. As it happens, I’m sleeping better now. I’m not really a fan of acupressure or shoe insoles, but these are easy to wear and comfortable. I like them, and apparently so does my RLS.

Jeff L

Jeff L

I use topical CBD for my Restless Legs Syndrome and the RLS wand makes it work 1000 times better! It’s worth every dime I paid for it!