Restless Leg Syndrome is a well-known condition of the nervous system that causes a baffling powerful urge to move the legs.

One of the main symptoms people have noticed is an overriding urge to move your legs. The syndrome can cause an obnoxious crawling sensation in the feet of a person. The symptoms may also get worsen in the evening or at night. People prefer to go for treatment for RLS as they impact their sleep and disturb the quality of their life, depending on the austerity of the symptoms.

The syndrome is also associated with the jerking of the legs, making some people feel them occasionally while others can have them every day. 

What are the Possible Causes? 

There is no discernible cause for the restless leg syndrome known! 

Restless leg syndrome is believed to run in families. Some neurologists also believed that the symptoms may have something to do with how a human’s body handles a chemical known as dopamine (which examines the muscle movement and may be accountable for leg movements associated with RLS. 

In case you are a victim of underlying health conditions like kidney failure or iron deficiency anemia, the risks of getting the syndrome rises. Pregnancy is another risk factor of its occurrence and about 1 in 5 pregnant women experience symptoms in the last months.

Treating Restless Leg Syndrome 

Patients suffering from mild cases may not require any specific treatment, just simple lifestyle changes would work.

You can try out the following home remedies for RLS to get effective results:

  • Maintain good sleeping habits, sleeping and waking up at the same routine could help
  • Quitting bad habits like smoking or drinking 
  • Regular mild exercises during the daytime can help

In case the symptoms are severe, medication may be required to control the levels of iron & dopamine. Iron supplements can work as an x to treat the symptoms well.

Who is more commonly affected?

Not enumerated to any specific age or point, RLS can affect anyone at any point in their life. Women are believed to be more affected with restless leg syndrome as compared to men. RLS is more common in middle-age, though symptoms can occur at any age.Children can also develop the symptoms as well, and one has to look for which home remedies for RLS will work for the cure.

How to Subdue the Problem?

Some of the tips that work as RLS home remedies is the first step to overwhelm the problem.

  • Managing stress levels can help you in coping with the situation. It is seen that the symptoms get worsened when you are worried and bewildered. Do relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing for relief.
  • A moderate exercise daily is the best RLS home remedy you can go with. It can significantly ease the symptoms but keep in mind that doesn’t overdo it.
  • As caffeine triggers the RLS, cutting out the caffeine can provide relief from the symptoms.

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