Restless Leg Syndrome is a neurological disorder that disturbs the sleep of a person. The patients of RLS may feel soreness, pain, and tingling sensation in the legs when the person is in relaxation mode or lying down. The condition will make you feel like exercising, though the body and mind are ready for sleep. The condition is more common at night and causes trouble in falling asleep. Consequently, the quality of life gets decreased. Women are more prone to the syndrome, specifically adults. 

How you can identify the condition is by analyzing its symptoms, which vary from person to person. Some patients feel mild symptoms while others may have severe ones. Whatever is the level of your pain, there are home remedies for restless legs available to get a natural cure. 

Doing Lifestyle Changes 

RLS somehow is linked to the lifestyle of a person and that is why doing lifestyle changes can play a significant role in easing your symptoms. Now various methods can be chosen as a part of lifestyle changes.

  • Having a healthy diet endorses good sleep. Try to limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol and completely avoid them before bedtime. Some other food items that may keep you awake from the night should be ward off.
  • Smoking also makes a bad impact on sleep. If possible, try to reduce your consumption or quit it completely.
  • Some medications make it difficult for your muscles to relax or cause sleeping troubles. Make sure to have a consultation before taking any medicines. 

Keeping a Regular Bed Routine 

Planning for a routine for sleeping as well as waking up can improve your sleep. For those who are suffering from RLS, the fatigue depresses the symptoms and then jerking and tingling sensation can ruin your sleep. Keep a record of how much sleep is required and try to achieve it. Also stretching before going to bed can help to improve sleep quality. 

A Warm Bath can Help

Soaking in a warm bath before bedtime offers relaxation and make you sleep easily. A classic way to get restless leg syndrome relief by improving sleep. You can also go for a heating pad or ice pack for soothing results.

Moderate Exercise Can Help

Doing regular exercise during the day can yield to better sleep at night. Either walk, jog, weightlifting, do whatever you can enjoy. Do not overdo it as intense exercise can impair the symptom.

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