RLS Wand Kit

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Natural Treatments for Relief of Restless Leg Syndrome


  • A full suite of natural treatment options designed specifically for providing relief from restless leg syndrome: A highly effective, result-driven, and relief focused product family that is designed to help patients in providing relief.
  • Helps in reducing the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome by offering customized treatment regime.
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Product Details


A safe and easy device to provide natural options in treatment to those who are suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome! Reduce discomfort and suffering of RLS with a customized pool of treatment options. This new approach utilizing the RLS Wand is designed by ZTG and offers a full suite of natural treatment options to sufferers.


  • This RLS Wand is portable.
  • Affordable pricing allows you to regain control of your life without paying for expensive treatments
  • An easy to use “home remedy” that brings you relief from discomfort resulting from Restless Leg Syndrome
  • The RLS Wand is a completely natural home treatment designed specifically for the those suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome


Directions for Use


If using a topical medication, apply to skin.  Apply the RLS Jelly over the medication and rube wand over legs for 15 minutes.


The RLS Wand can also be used without first applying medication.

2 reviews for RLS Wand Kit

  1. Simon Sam

    Very very effective! My sleepless nights were showing no signs of ending. I came to know about a new approach – RLS Wand kit that has shown magic-like results in providing relief from the tingling sensation. A very easy-to-use product that guarantees provide relief from restless leg syndrome and brings their life back. I used to carry it during my travel days and the continuous use has come up with effective results. A must-buy!

  2. Samuel

    RLS Wand kit is my recommendation to all the patients facing trouble due to the syndrome. I was one of them and was living a disorganized life due to insomnia. The product worked like a home remedy for me and I am very thankful to the manufacturers who have designed such an easy-to-use device. Strongly suggested!

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