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Therapeutic Water Soaks

To minimize pain for those suffering from restless legs syndrome, hot and cold-water soaks are recommended as a natural treatment. Foot, leg, and body soaks are recommended in effort to to provide pain relief, relaxation, and reduce inflammation. ZTG has introduced both, acold-watersoak, and a hot water soak, each with different objectives.


The hot water soak gives you a soothing sensation and helps in managing the symptoms of your restless legs syndrome.

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Water Soaks

Cold Water Soak, Hot water soak


This hot water soak offers the deepest penetrating heat therapy available while the cold-water soak works as a powerful treatment for reducing the inflammation. The best approach is contrast therapy.  Use a cold-water soak for 10 minutes, followed by a hot-water soak for 10 minutes.


How does it help?


These water soak products help to eradicate the pain, reduce fatigue, stress, and encourage healing. ZTG water soaking solutions deliver relief for restless leg syndrome.

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