ZGEL Patch (4 pack)

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Are you facing searing pain and sleepless nights due to restless leg syndrome?


The burning and tingling sensation resulting from RLS can leave you sleepless and miserable! Reduce your suffering with a natural treatment that is specifically designed to help you recoup control of your life.


ZGEL Patch is a home treatment invented to help the patients throughout the evening following a short RLS Wand treatment.


The benefits offered by the ZGel Patch includes continued relief, added comfort, and continued support!



How to use it?


Simply place the ZGel Patch over the area of discomfort following a RLS Wand treatment.


How does it help? 


The ZGel Patch is designed to temporarily close the pores. Moreover, it also increases the concentration of topical medications within the epidermis. This will bolster the dispersion of the ingredients deeper into the skin and the capillaries.

1 review for ZGEL Patch (4 pack)

  1. Sarah

    What a wonderful product! ZGEL Patch (a pack of 4) has successfully reduced my discomfort and suffering of the syndrome and that too without bearing any pain as of incisions. I will surely recommend the product to anybody who is looking for treatment options to cure the burning sensation. The price is very genuine and you can easily afford it.

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