Have you experienced the feeling of getting an impulse to get up and stretch your legs while you are in rest mode for too long? People suffering from restless leg syndrome deal with the same situation almost every day. Imagine how difficult it is for them to get sleep at night!

Not only disturbance in day-time activities, but also no comfort in getting much-needed rest at night. This is what RLS does to a person generally. Read on to know more about the syndrome and what restless leg syndrome cure you can take to get your serene life back.

About Restless Leg Syndrome
Doctors treating RLS patients often come across the perplexing situation of them in explaining how their legs feel. Anything from offensive crawlies to running feeling, these are the leg sensations described most often. Some have also described it as pins & needles feeling, pain, or even itching. 

It is a neurological disorder that causes an uncomfortable feeling in the legs of patients, specifically at night when they are at rest. 

The urge felt by the patient can be interpreted with the following alerting signs:

  • If you have an urge to move your legs related with an unpleasant leg sensation
  • If your symptoms get worse in rest mode
  • If doing activity do improvement in symptoms 
  • If the symptoms get worse at night

Who has High-Risk Factors?

Women are more prone to the condition and is not particularized to any specific age. Generally, middle-aged and older people are at high risk of getting impacted by RLS. More adults and fewer children can get affected by the syndrome. 

Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

The cause of RLS is not still known. Some evidence suggests that it can be genetic, while many women develop this condition during pregnancy. The syndrome can also be associated with low iron levels in the brain. Patients with diseases like diabetes or Parkinson’s have high chances of developing the condition. 

An RLS patient is also investigated with a set of questions to give a check for the real causes. 

  • If the person is taking too much caffeine 
  • Bad habits like smoking or drinking 
  • Any medications like anti-depressants or anti-nausea medications

RLS can also be linked to some underlying medical conditions such as iron deficiency, renal failure, pregnancy, and spinal cord disorders. Doctors do check the ferritin levels of the patient and given the suggestion of iron supplementation in case of low levels.

Restless Leg Syndrome Cure

Now that you are aware of the causes and symptoms of the condition, you can imagine how discouraging the situation can be. Though there is no cure for the condition, a patient can try natural remedies for restless legs to manage the feelings.

Try-at-home remedies:

  • Get a Massage: Patients can take a warm bath before bedtime to relax their muscles followed by some leg stretching and massage.
  • Constant Activity: Make yourself involved in a persistent activity during day time to keep the body moving and blood flowing. This will help help you at night.
  • Cutting out the Intake of Caffeine or Alcohol: You can get the RLS treatment at home by reducing the intake of caffeine or alcohol before bedtime. It can improve the situation a bit.
  • Maintaining a Good Sleep Hygiene: Keeping good sleep hygiene, limiting the caffeine amount, and having a relaxing bedroom can help you sleep better.   

Sleep & Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS is classified as a sleep disorder as it impacts the sleep of a person. Patients keep awake at night due to uncontrolled setbacks. Sleeping troubles have their negative effects and that is why restless leg syndrome cure is always required. Find ways to survive with the syndrome for overall health and rest to the body. Inadequate sleep can introduce other problems such as heart disease, memory troubles, depression, diabetes and other issues.

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