Do you or your family members have sleep issues such as taking a long time to sleep, night wakings, or refuse to sleep. There is a condition named Restless Leg Syndrome that can be the reason causing sleepless nights to people.

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

It is a neurological condition that causes a distressing and unavoidable urge to move the legs. The condition is accompanied by the sensations like tingling, burning, and jitteriness. The symptoms are provoked by the urge to move the legs when the person is in rest mode for longer durations. Also, the conditions get worse or seem to increase in the evenings or at night. Patients who have gone through this situation recount it as a  creepy tingling sensation, pain, or impaired sleep. 

From cognition and memory to energy and weight, RLS can make you suffer and impacts your day-to-day life. Women are more prone than men and children can also get affected by the syndrome. 

The common five characteristics of RLS syndrome are – the impulse to move, generally worse in the evening hours, occurs with rest, improves with the movement and it is not caused by something else. 

What are the Common Causes of Restless Legs Syndrome?

RLS syndrome is majorly associated with the deficiency of iron. It is like even if you don’t have sufficient iron stored in the body, RLS can occur. Apart from this, there are other medical conditions like kidney disease, neuropathy that can be the causes of RLS, but these are not typically seen in children. 

The patients, seen with leg syndrome have been found due to familial or genetic components. Also, if the patients are taking certain over-the-counter and prescription medications like cold or allergy medicines, antidepressants, or nausea meds, this can cause RLS symptoms. 

Restless Legs Treatment

As iron deficiency can be the cause, an iron supplement may be all you need. Remember you always have your ferritin level checked before going for an iron supplement as too much iron can be toxic. There are prescription drugs that can be used for a cure in some cases to raise the dopamine levels in the patient’s body.

Aside from these medication RLS treatment options, one can go with some non-medication treatments as well. There are foot wraps and pads that can provide comforting relief from the condition. 

What you can do at home: Maintain a regular bedtime routine, make sure you are taking enough sleep, take a walk or bike ride in the evening, leg massage, go with warm or cool compress, avoid bad habits like smoking, caffeine, alcohol. These are some of the effective home remedies for RLS. 

Try Out New Natural Solutions Delivering Restless Leg Relief

RLS patients need to experience irresistible urges and leg movements, making an impact on your sleep, mobility and causing discomfort. These problems are linked to issues like cardiovascular distress, increased blood pressure, over-exhaustion, increased falls, and depression.

No more sufferings with the syndrome! A full-suite of natural remedies for restless leg syndrome have been introduced by ZTG for the patients with the aim of providing maximum relief. From soothing soaks to acupressure, ultrasound waves to infrared machines, each of the solutions is highly-effective, result-driven and relief-focused.

The natural treatment for RLS offered by ZTG harnesses the power of far-infrared heat and carefully formulated ingredients that collectively work to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and minimize pain for the patients. To provide natural healing and home cure is the mission of ZTG treatment procedures. Know more about the products and shop the products online at our website.

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